Saturday, 29 June 2013

Take what you need.

there're a few more days i'll going back to college.
honestly, i think that i don't want to go back there. but am boring spending my time at home with do nothin'.
eurhh, nothin' best for me but it's not the matter also, it's because i don't know how to spend it with something that can makes me feel happy.

okie, back to the title.
take what you need. am keep wondering what i need in this life to be a person that VERY important for people that i love.
for my families, friends and him.

love, hope, faith, courage, peace, passion, beauty, freedom, honor, smile, and opportunity.

i think there're vital in our lives lah.
but overall lah kan, i think i most need the courage.
without courage i can't do all of them as what i need in my life. :')